Building an exciting new outdoor amenity for our community!

Mountain biking is rapidly gaining popularity nationwide, and communities that invest in it are reaping the benefits.

Places like Marquette, MI; Bentonville, AR; and Crosby, MN have witnessed significant economic growth, improved health and community, increased tourism revenue, and a better quality of life for residents — all due to their investment specifically in mountain biking.

In particular, the development of bike parks has played a key role in these success stories. Bike parks offer a secure, enjoyable, and accessible environment for riders of all ages to enhance their mountain biking abilities, promote fitness, stimulate tourism, support economic development, and foster a sense of community.

In Eau Claire, thanks to big increases in youth involvement, changing expectations of trail systems, and commitments from key local organizations, the time is right to build upon our vibrant biking culture by establishing a bike park at Lowes Creek.

A coalition of organizations, including CORBA, Eau Claire Youth Cycling, and 906 Adventure Team, have now partnered with interested citizens to create a plan and bring such a park to fruition after years discussion.

This coalition has received approval from Eau Claire County to move forward with the design and development plans, and we aim to complete the construction of the park by late Summer 2024.

Sounds great, right?

If you think so, then you’re part of who we need to make it a reality. While we’re seeking diverse funding sources — including private grants, business sponsorships, and county support — community buy-in and fundraising from families and individuals will be a key part of pulling this together.

Learn how you can donate now, and together, we can create a safe, enjoyable, and thriving mountain biking community that will benefit Eau Claire for years to come.

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